Manchester Is the UK's Capital City of Pirates

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever wondered who pirates the most in Britain? According to the latest figures it's the Mancunians. Yes, Manchester is the capital of pirating Britain, with more illegal downloads per person than any other town or city in the UK.

Over 43 million songs and albums were pirated in the UK in just 6 months in 2012, and the most pirated artist? Ed Sheeran. Now, I'm not sure if it's just because Manchester loves Sheeran, but Nottingham and Southampton came in a close second and third in the piracy league tables, so it's not just northerners that like to steal Ed's records.

Manchester isn't the only table-topping champ, either; the UK as a whole ranked just second in the world piracy league, beaten only by the US. Basically, we're a nation of filthy bottom-feeding pirates, or at least that's what the BPI thinks. [BBC]

Image credit: Piracy from Shutterstock