Moore's Law Safe for Another Decade as Intel Looks at 10nm and Beyond

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's no end to the upgrade cycle on the horizon, with Intel claiming to have found a "solution" for making the 10nm processors that'll eventually replace the 22nm options we're starting to see now. Moore's law of better/faster/cheaper every two years is looking safe.

Mark Bohr, Intel's Senior Fellow and one of the company's pioneers in processor development, claims to have cracked the technology that'll make the smaller and more efficient 10nm chips of the future, saying: "Right now I'm personally spending my time on 10nm pathfinding, we haven't made all those decisions yet, but it looks like we have a solution for 10nm."

And it won't end there, with Intel researchers looking beyond that to the tech that'll keep our computers working well into the next decade. Bohr adds: "...our research group is looking at a wide range of ideas - some exotic, some more evolutionary - that will be chosen ultimately for 10, 7 and 5nm processes."

After that, it's human brains in bell jars for computers. [Techradar]