No 4G Support in Intel's Smartphone Processors; Dual-Core Medfields on the Way

By Gary Cutlack on at

Intel has spoken a little about its plans for the future of its mobile ambitions and the 4G boom, confirming in the process that there's no option of 4G support in any of its current mobile chipsets based on the Medfield family.

Intel told TechCrunch that it'll be shipping "some" LTE models later this year with more to come in 2013, as it races to make up for so much lost time in the mobile world. What this means for you, the UK buyer of telephones, is don't go fantasising about using that new RAZR I on EE's 4G network, as Intel's not put the right kind of bits inside it to make it work yet.

Meanwhile, Intel's Director of Product Marketing, Sumeet Syal, also confirmed plans to announce a dual-core Medfield option in the future, which would allow the chipmaker to, once again, catch up a little when it comes to padding out its spec sheet in today's core-obsessed mobile world. [TechCrunch via Techradar]