Rumour: RIM Still Alive and Kicking, Blackberry R-Series Devices to Follow L-Series Flagship

By Jon Partridge on at

While we haven't heard much from the Canadian company, RIM's upcoming L-series of Blackberry devices are still on the way, despite there being radio silence regarding both specs or pricing. But rumour has it, RIM are also following the L-series with a similar Curve-esque line of R-series devices for Blackberry 10 too.

Many are speculating that the L-series will be the brand-spanking new flagship for the company and will command a high price, but for the more budget conscious, an R-series device is also in the works. Expected to introduced to the market in May 2013, the device is expected to be in the mid-range of RIM's line-up, slotting in under the flagship Blackberry device akin to the current Curve line.

No specifics have been spoken of, such as whether it will be a QWERTY-keyboard toting device or entirely touchscreen, but RIM are apparently looking into both form factors. It is speculated that the R-series will be formerly announced at Blackberry World in 2013 over in Orlando, which is slated for May 14-16. Of course, with much time set between now and the event, heed a bit of caution. But with RIM's product history in mind, it would only make sense for a more budget-conscious line for Blackberry 10. [BerryReview via Ubergizmo]