Sadly, You Will Not Be Able to Visit Neil Armstrong's Grave

By Jesus Diaz on at

Neil Armstrong, America's greatest and most reluctant hero, is not going to have a grave. He's going to be buried at sea.

Armstrong was a Lieutenant in the US Navy reserve. He originally joined the Navy in 1949, training at the Naval Air Station Pensacola, becoming a pilot. He flew 78 missions in the Korean War — a total of 121 hours in combat. He left the Navy to complete his space engineering degree and masters, and then joined NASA.

But he always remained a US Navy man. Perhaps that's the reason why he chose to be buried at sea. Or perhaps it's because he was such a humble and private man. According to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus "he never wanted to be a living memorial, and yet to generations the world over his epic courage and quiet humility stands as the best of all examples." [CBS]