Samsung's Galaxy S 4 Tipped for Non-Shock March 2013 Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

You probably don't need telling that Samsung's going to have a new high-end Galaxy S model ready to sell to us all in 2013, as that's about as guaranteed as the fact that 2013 will come with 12 months inside it and some of them will feature unusually high levels of rainfall. But...

What's marginally surprising about the claim is the launch date given to Samsung's 2013 Android flagship, which the Korea Times says is scheduled to hit the shops in March, following the usual public announcement and unveiling at the Mobile World Congress telecoms event in February.

After delaying the launch of the Galaxy S III to May this year and skipping the MWC event altogether, that means the S4 is back on Samsung's usual flagship phone schedule and could arrive a mere nine months after the appearance of this year's high-end Android model.

Will that infuriate those who've just bought the S III on a long contract, or are we all resigned to the fact that Android phone development is so stupidly fast that, yes, phones are pretty much outdated after two-thirds of a year nowadays?

Or is this just Samsung having another go at spoiling Apple's iPhone 5 launch? [Korean Times via TNW]