Smaller/Flash/Sliding Door PS3 Launching From September 28th

By Gary Cutlack on at

The super-slim top-loading PS3 redesign that was leaked earlier in the summer has just been officially announced by Sony, which is bringing several versions of its PS3 Even Slimmer model to the UK from September 28th.

The new console doesn't come with a fancy new name, with Sony just calling this CECH-4000 series machine the new PlayStation3. Two versions will arrive in two colours on two days, with a 500GB hard drive model launching on September 28, followed by a model with 12GB of flash memory on October 12th. Black and white are the colours.

Sony says this third-gen PS3 is less than half the size of the super bulky, £425 original, and some 25 per cent slimmer than the more recent hardware redesign. Sony will be selling a separate 250GB hard drive alongside the 12GB flash memory machine, for those who suddenly regret buying it and find themselves in need of more space. Or you can buy a mounting bracket and stick in any SATA internal HD.

Sony has only issued pricing guideline in euros, with the 500GB model going for €300 (about £240) and including a copy of FIFA 13, while the 12GB unit will cost €230 (about £185). [Sony]