Sneaky Taliban Troops Pretending to be Hot Girls on Facebook to Lure Soldiers to Their Doom

By Gary Cutlack on at

Taliban insurgents out in Afghanistan are getting in touch with their feminine sides, pretending to be hot chicks on Facebook to befriend soldiers and get secret military details out of any bored squaddies they might trap.

It's quite hard to believe. If you're a soldier chatting to a lady on Facebook and it's all going great, she's sending you photos and everything, that's one thing. But surely when "she" starts asking questions about troop movements and personnel levels some very loud alarm bells ought to start going off.

But apparently there's more to it than that. Innocent geo-tagging options on many social sites can inadvertently reveal the location of the poster without any direct questions being asked, and it's this worry that's led the Australian military to warn its troops to be a little more careful about what they reveal online.

The Aussie Department of Defence goes on to warn that enemies might even pretend to be old school friends, anything to get "added" and to start the data mining process. [ via Wired]

Image credit: Soldiers from Shutterstock