The British Military Is Now Powered By Greggs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, that's right, Greggs the bakers is going to be fuelling our chaps on their fight abroad, or at least, if the trial goes well they will. Greggs pasties and sausage rolls could soon be winging their way to soldiers on the front line. Just what you need while you're baking in the Afghani sun.

The trial, which will see Greggs supply frozen baked goods to the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes, which serve our troops abroad, will kick off with a British military base in Germany. If the test is a success, Britain's military serving in Afghanistan, Ascension, Brunei, Germany, Gibraltar, The Falkland Islands, and Northern Ireland will get to taste a bit of Greggs like the rest of us. Navy men won't miss out too, as Greggs will be served aboard Royal Navy ships too.

I can't see Gregg's baked goods being particularly healthy for you, dripping with delicious fat and all, but hell, it's what I would want if I was risking my life defending the country. Just watch out for the pasty tax -- is it hot or cold? [Reuters]

Image credit: Pasty from Shutterstock