The End is Nigh for Virgin's Free Tube Wi-Fi

By Sam Gibbs on at

Had your fill of the free Tube Wi-Fi yet? If not you better get down there, pronto. Virgin's always said it'll only be free until the end of the "summer of sport", which has kind of been and gone now. In fact, come October, things are going to change.

Talking to ZDNet, Virgin said that it'd be announcing plans for its Tube Wi-Fi network "after September". It's likely that it'll go Virgin subscriber-only, or available via a monthly, weekly or maybe even daily subscription.

I have to say, I've used and abused the free Tube Wi-Fi; I found it a hell of a lot more useful than I thought I would, considering it's just in the stations. But, I doubt I'd pay much for it, if anything at all. Still, Virgin subscribers will probably get it thrown in with their packages for free, so you lot are quids-in. [ZDNet]

Image credit: Tube from Shutterstock