This is What It Looks Like When Drivers Race Each Other Right Off the Road In a 180MPH F1 Car

By Sam Gibbs on at

For anyone who didn't see the Italian grand prix this weekend, we saw some seriously insane skills from Fernando Alonso, handling a car hurtling along at 180mph, on the grass, mere centimetres from the side of Vettel's illegal manoeuvre. It was genuinely a heart-in-mouth moment, but it's not the first time. These two have history.

A year ago, Alonso basically did the exact same thing to Vettel, squeezing him off the track and onto the grass at the same point. Both drivers nearly took each other out both times, and if it wasn't for some seriously quick reactions and impressive car control, it would have been a horrific high-speed accident on both counts.

The funny thing was Alonso didn't suffer any penalties from the FIA last year, but this time round, Vettel did. It's pretty much exactly the same, maybe it was even grudge-related. At any rate, it was incredible to see how close to the wire these insane drivers push it, at 180mph no less. Scary, somehow, just doesn't seem to cut it. [YouTube via Jalopnik]

Update: It seems the FIA's been aggressively shutting all these videos down, so the best I could rustle up was the BBC feed. Click this link to go to the spot where it all happened this year.