Those Awesome-Looking HTC Windows 8 Phones Could Be Dirt Cheap Too

By Sam Gibbs on at

We're used to flagship phones costing the Earth, especially on launch. £500 is basically where they're all at, but HTC might be doing our wallets a favour. At least one UK retailer has pegged the HTC 8X at only £400 and the 8S at just £225 off-network -- now that really is cheap.

While we won't know for sure whether these prices are accurate, our friends over at TechRadar did some probing of HTC and came away with the impression that price tags of around £400 and £225 aren't far from the truth.

Of course, these two will be even cheaper, if not free, on contract. Looking awesome; with pretty decent specs, and Windows Phone 8 on-board -- HTC might have some real contenders for the iPhone 5-hating, bored-by-Android crowd. [Mobiles Unlocked 12 via TechRadar]