Virgin Mobile Punts "Truly Unlimited Data" For £12 a Month

By Sam Gibbs on at

The mobile data wars are starting to hot up in the run up to 4G in the UK. Virgin, after spitting out some cheap, "all you can eat" plans, has just launched new SIM-only contracts with unlimited data from £12 a month.

For you 12-quid, you'll also get unlimited texts and 150 minutes. If you want more minutes, tariffs rack up to £25 a month for 2500 minutes, but when was the list time you used your phone as an actual phone more than three times in any month?

What with Three, GiffGaff, and now Virgin, which runs on Vodafone's Everything Everywhere's network, all fighting it out at the cheap end of the data market, we're finally getting some real value in our mobile networks. Let's just hope that Everything Everywhere takes the cheap-is-better-to-lure-people-in approach when its 4G network launches too, and not the let's-gouge-them-for-all-their-worth mentality. [Virgin]