Whatever You Do, Just Don't Search Google For Emma Watson, OK?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Emma Watson, or Hermione Granger to most, is apparently the most dangerous celebrity to search for. I can see why, what with her practically 12-year-old first appearances on the silver screen -- it's basically jailbait. But no, apparently she's lethal because hackers just love her, almost as much as you do.

According to McAfee, one-in-eight search results for Miss Watson come packing some pretty vicious malware. Drive-by downloads, social hacks, browser exploits -- you name it, a Watson search result is using it.

Apparently, there's a whole raft of other female celebrities that are lethal to search for too, but Watson tops the lot. People seeking pictures, the latest, err, news, and tweets from their celebrity of choice are, apparently, extremely vulnerable to phising and hacking -- an information thief's wet dream.

So, folks, if you must find that choice picture of Miss Watson, careful what you click on, and, umm, maybe use someone else's computer to do it? [McAfee via The Telegraph]

Image credit: Emma Watson from Shutterstock