Where Can I Get HD Voice Calls on My iPhone 5 in the UK?

By Sam Gibbs on at

One of the less touted features of the iPhone 5, but something that could really make a huge difference to call quality (you do actually call people still, right?), is HD voice calling (wideband audio). Unfortunately, not all networks support HD voice, so which ones will in the UK, and where can you get it on your shiny new iPhone 5?

Technically we've had HD voice calls for some years now; you may remember Orange making a big thing about it several years ago. The only problem is that you have to have a handset that supports it, and the list that do isn't all that long. You also had to be calling someone else with an HD voice-compatible phone, which won't be an issue now that everyone and their mums seem to be pre-ordering an iPhone 5.

Thanks to MacWorld, we know our networks here in the UK are lined up like this: EE (when it launches), Orange, and Three are all on-board with HD voice. T-mobile will likely have it too, considering EE's supporting it, while O2 and Vodafone have yet to be confirmed.

So, it looks, just like 4G, that the best place to be for HD voice calling on your iPhone 5 is either EE's Orange, or Three for 3G. Something tells me O2 and Vodafone will support HD voice now that the iPhone supports it, just because of sheer number of phones Apple will shift. One of the reasons I never call people over the phone anymore is just how crap it sounds. You only have to hop on to Skype on your phone to realise just how poor voice calls, even over 3G, are. Roll on HD voice calls and maybe I'll start using my phone as a phone again; probably not, but it can't hurt, right? [MacWorld UK]