Wikipedia Sticks Two Fingers Up to UK Snooper's Charter With a Spot of Encryption

By Gary Cutlack on at

Wikipedia's big boss Jimmy Wales has warned that the site will start treating the UK like a war-torn police state, encrypting all data sent here should the government push ahead with its so-called Snooper's Charter.

Wales said: "If we find that UK ISPs are mandated to keep track of every single web page that you read at Wikipedia, I am almost certain we would immediately move to a default of encrypting all communication to the UK, so that the local ISP would only be able to see that you are speaking to Wikipedia, not what you are reading."

Wales added that this sort of general encryption of page data is not a hard thing for the massive online encyclopedia to put in place, pointing out that the government's proposal to require ISPs to log and record all internet use is "more like something I would expect from the Iranians or the Chinese." [Telegraph]