You Can Now Download Shows From the BBC iPlayer on Your iPhone or iPad For Free, Offline Viewing

By Sam Gibbs on at

Finally, something useful for flights, tube journeys, and trips abroad from the BBC; you can now download shows from the BBC iPlayer on your iPhone or iPad (with Android coming soon) for offline viewing, all for free too.

Content can be stored for 30 days at a time, and once you hit the play button you have seven days to watch it before it expires. All you have to do is find your program of choice, hit the download button, and bob's your uncle, it'll download the next time you're on Wi-Fi with the app open. That does mean you'll have to download all those shows before you leave the house, not over 3G on the way to the airport, but you get better quality over Wi-Fi anyway.

I guess the only other thing I'd want is automatic show downloads for your favourites, like you get with magazine subscriptions in Newsstand, but then you'd probably run out of space pretty damn quickly. Those 64GB iPhones and iPads suddenly somehow look miles more appealing. [BBC]