Over on the east coast of America, they're 'battening down' the 'hatches' and 'stocking up' on tins of 'bully beef' in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Very wise -- venturing outdoors in the face of the 'Frankenstorm' would be 'very foolish indeed'.

Here in the UK, we can recreate that shut-in feeling ourselves, showing sympathy towards the plight of our soon-to-be-wind-battered yankee doodle cousins by getting a new 500GB super slim Sony Playstation 3 in with which to amuse ourselves. After all -- there'll be no power blackouts here! It comes bundled with Grand Turismo 5: Academy Edition and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Game Of The Year Edition as well, and it's all yours for a mere £199.99.


Today's Bonus Dealz

- T-mobile free internet for 12 months - £10 (one-off payment - not a monthly contract)
- Little Big Planet (PS Vita) - only £19.85.
- Microsoft Xbox 360 black wireless controller – just £21.95 delivered.
- Amazon Kindle Fire – just £119.
- Tesco Mobile 1000 mins, 5000 texts, 1 month contract – only £15.00.
- Sony PS Vita console (Wi-Fi) with FIFA 13 and a 4GB memory card – yours for £189.99.
- Crucial M4 256GB SATA III SSD – yours for £119.98.
- Toshiba portable hard drive (USB 3.0, 1TB) – just £53.99.

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