BBC Blames Adobe Complications for Android App Delay

By Gary Cutlack on at

The internet was very excited about the arrival of a new BBC iPlayer Radio app yesterday, until well over half the internet realised there was no Android version of the iOS app and got quite annoyed. The BBC's blaming trouble with Adobe for the Android hold up.

Daniel Danker, the BBC's general manager of on-demand delivery stuff, told Cnet: "We've migrated to Adobe Air on iPlayer for our television products. Radio, interestingly, introduces some new challenges, and the most obvious is background audio."

Danker said the BBC started development of the Android app at the same time as the iOS option, with there still being "a couple more hurdles to jump" in order to get the Adobe Air powered service running on Google phones.

The BBC's obviously having a few tech problems dealing with Android media delivery in the post-Flash world. Its standalone BBC Media Player app is riddled with bugs and doesn't work anything like as well as the old Adobe Flash Player did in streaming media to Android users, with this latest development highlighting the fact that it really needs to get on the Android developer forums and start hiring a few more dedicated staff.

However, Danker says the Android radio app is the team's "singular focus" now the iOS version has launched, so it shouldn't be too far away. [Cnet]