Brosnan Was a Stone-Cold Killer, But Craig Is By Far the Biggest Boozer

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've had six Bonds in 50 years, and while everyone has their favourite, which Bond was the most badass? Which Bond got his leg over the most, and who's the one with the highest blood alcohol level? Who is the best Bond?

The Economist had a look at what the collective Bonds got up to and discovered that Pierce Brosnan's Bond was by far the most lethal, where as it was George Lazenby was the biggest player of them all. It's funny, looking at it now, to see that Daniel Craig's Bond is the biggest boozer -- no wonder he flipped that Aston. Let's hope he's a little more sober for the remaining two films he's just signed on for. [The Economist via Gizmodo Australia]