Cybercrime is One of the Greatest Challenges the World Faces, Says Government Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

William Hague, the current Foreign Secretary, has come over a bit Churchillian in his warning over the dangers of cybercrime, claiming bored teenage boys bothering government and private computers are "one of the greatest global and strategic challenges of our time."

Hague was speaking at the Budapest Cyberspace Conference, where he claimed one unnamed company recently had an astonishing 100GB of potentially sensitive data nicked from its servers, and that his team has seen off-the-shelf criminal bundles designed to steal bank account details being offered for sale at around £3,000 a time.

To help counter this modern digital crime spree, Hague says the UK government is investing around £2m in setting up a new cybercrime centre, which will scour universities for the top computer-minded individuals and set them the task of helping keep our systems, and those of other countries, secure from the ever-rising tide of hacks and cracks. [BBC]

Image credit: His Facebook page