iPhone Apps Of The Week: Mojo Masks, Chefs Feed, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

Happy Halloweekend! Time to celebrate—obviously with the week's best iPhone apps. Enjoy one that puts a mask on your face, another that gives you some crazy makeup ideas, and more.

Mojo Masks: It's basically Halloween (this weekend counts!), and I've been playing around with this app all week and probably annoying my friends (mostly Kyle Wagner) by making them pose for pics where they're wearing masks scary monsters, candy skulls, and other creepy characters. Go nuts! It's fun. It has a couple of free masks, but you can buy others within the app. Free


Bloom BeautyTrends: If you took all the fashion and hair parts of Pinterest, and sequestered them in their own app, you'd have Bloom BeautyTrends. Learn how to recreate looks, and add pics of your own styles. Don't you wish this kind of thing existed when you were going to high school proms? Free

Chefs Feed: A chef might know the secret hole in the wall place where you can scarf the best tamales in the city. How do you find out those secret tips? This app tells you where pro chefs like Thomas Keller and Mario Battali are eating when they're not running the kitchen. Free


Dishoom: It's been a lifelong dream of mine that I'll be grocery shopping and then the entire store will break out in song and dance. Bollywood films are kind of like that. Here you'll find news and reviews of the latest movies out of Mumbia, as well as music and video. Because those are some of the best parts of these colourful flicks. £1.49



He-Man: The cartoon of your childhood now has an iPhone app. In 27 levels you have to defend Castle GRayscale from the likes of Skeletor. "I have the powerrrr!" Now you have a good excuse for you to yell that out loud, over and over. £0.69


Ottolenghi: Do you want to cook like Yotam Ottolenghi? This new app cherry picks Ottolenghi's favourite recipes for your culinary pleasure. The app also uses some clever witchcraft touch-free technology that stops your precious from getting a sticky screen. £4.99