RapidShare Removes Anti-Piracy Speed Restrictions

By Gary Cutlack on at

The race to be the new MegaUpload would appear to be back on, thanks to file-sharing network RapidShare removing the 30k download speed limit it stuck on free users to stop MegaUpload refugees hammering it in the wake of the rival site's shutdown.

"We can confirm that we have removed all download limits for free users, which is part of a new strategy," RapidShare's boss Alexandra Zwingli told TorrentFreak, without giving out any clues as to what the measures may be. He added: "Even though the limit was initially introduced to deter piracy, we have since then come to realize that there are more efficient counter measures. Further details will be announced towards the end of 2012."

Although we'd say it's more likely that the restriction's been lifted in the face of users abandoning RapidShare, as 30k download speeds aren't really what you'd call rapid in the year 2012. [TorrentFreak]