Sarah Brightman Heading to the ISS for First Space Concert

By Gary Cutlack on at

1980s musical singer Sarah Brightman is about to take a rather unlikely step for mankind, becoming the first professional artist to perform a gig in space.

Brightman has booked herself a ticket to the International Space Station thanks to giving the Russians and independent space travel agent Space Adventures a stack of money to take her up on a Soyuz launcher, which will dock with the ISS and allow Brightman to spend 10 days bothering the scientists with questions in orbit.

She'll also be fussing about with things to do with charities and hoping to promote the advancement of women in science, thanks to her role as UNESCO Artist for Peace.

We suspect she'll also be eating peas one at a time by getting a man to throw them at her mouth from across the room, but that's still to be confirmed. Brightman will be going orbital in 2014. [Space Adventures]

Image credit: Space Adventures