Shamed Reddit Perv Speaks to CNN About "Character" He Created

By Gary Cutlack on at

Michael Brutsch, who was outed as "jailbait" porn-obsessed Reddit mod Violentacrez last week and lost his job in the process, has spoken to US news network CNN about his Reddit use and whether he's sorry about it or not.

Brutsch, who posted in and created the "Jailbait" photo section of the site along with numerous other porn-related sub-forums, offered a relatively humble apology for his actions, telling CNN's reporter: "I'm sorry, I have made mistakes, I understand that, you know, Reddit encouraged and enabled this sort of behaviour and I shouldn't have been a part of it."

Here's the interview:

He tries to justify himself a little, outlining how he'd fallen into the habit of posting stacks of porn to the site, breaking it down by category. Women with big tits went in the big tits section, black women went in the black women section and girls of legally dubious age went in the jailbait bit.

Brutsch also tries to separate himself from the "character" of Violentacrez, claiming he was playing to an audience of kids who appreciated his "gallows humour" mixture of dodgy porn and rape joke posts. It all sounds so perfectly reasonable when put like that. [CNN via Atlantic Wire]