This Real-Time Animated Map of People Getting Hacked By Malware Is Both Fascinating and Frightening

By Sam Gibbs on at

You hear about millions of computers getting infected with malware, but it's pretty difficult to actually visualise in your mind; it's just a number. The HoneyMap shows in real time, where on the planet people are being attacked and, interestingly, from where. Both mesmerising and scary at the same time.

The yellow dots represent those about to lose all their money from their bank accounts, while the red dots are the miscreants making people's digital lives a misery. Thankfully the yellow dots aren't actual people here, but HoneyNet's honeypot sensors that detect attacks for the project, not that the attackers know that, of course.

For the eagle-eyed among you, you might notice that Aachen in Germany is getting absolutely battered, but actually it's just because the honeypot there captures attacks across quite a large range of IP addresses, so no, everyone's not out to get Aachen.

The map isn't representative in anyway, as there just aren’t enough honeypots about the place to show what's happening everywhere, but it's interesting to see just where attacks take place from. I don't know whether to feel proud or ashamed that at least two attack sources seem to originate from good ol'Blighty; at least we're not being left out again, I guess. Burnley and London represent. [HoneyMap via The Atlantic via Dvice]