Virgin's London Tube Wi-Fi Will Stay Free Till 2013

By Sam Gibbs on at

Despite rumours to the contrary, Virgin's extended its free Tube Wi-Fi network access through till the end of the year, despite the "Summer of Sport" being done and dusted months ago. The interesting thing is you might get it bundled in for free your home broadband too, even if you're not with Virgin, next year.

Apparently, Virgin is in talks with other home broadband providers to sell access to its Tube Wi-Fi network, so companies like BT, Sky and TalkTalk can bundle access to the network with their home connection plans. That's good news for anyone who's not already on Virgin, and should make it infinitely more useful for the greater population of London, myself included.

Currently 72 stations are Wi-Fi enabled, but that number should expand through the rest of the year. The plan is to cover most, if not all stations, but not to expand into the tunnels, which would be the most useful thing. Still, free is free, but I can't see myself paying much, if anything, for access past the end of the year, though. [Virgin]

Image credit: Tube from Shutterstock