Would You Paddle to Work In the Proposed London Lido Line?

By Sam Scott on at

If you're bored with the bus, terrified by the tube, and petrified by the idea of peddling to work, there may be hope for you yet. The runner-up of a recent urban design competition has proposed a commuter swimming lane along London's Regent's Canal.

New pictures of the 'Lido Line' have emerged, giving us a better idea of what could be in store. They include the commuter lane, but also an ice skating lane for the winter, and swimming pools for some of the wider passes of the canal.

However, the design was intended more as inspiration than informed suggestion, and a lot of questions around feasibility and cost, not to mention Londoner's desire for this kind of thing remain unanswered.

Being stuck in 'swimmer traffic' first thing in the morning sounds like commuter hell, but we doubt that even our English summers would draw that many people to the water. Other concerns include water treatment and filtration. The prevention of disease in such a high volume of water would be serious challenge. I think I'll stick to the bus!

[Via Londonist]