Apple's Father of the iPod Says Scott Forstall "Got What He Deserved"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scott Forstall, the iOS boss who was forced out of the company after the switch to Apple Maps caused the world to point and laugh at Apple, got what he deserved. That's according to Tony Fadell, the man given most credit for creating Apple's legendary iPod.

Speaking to the BBC about his latest venture, Fadell gave his interviewer a brief potted history of the iPod and the struggles faced in bringing it to market, before offering his opinion on his battles with Forstall and the disappearance of his in-house rival from the company (at around the 1:50 mark).

"Scott got what he deserved and we move on" was Fadell's abrupt way of answering questions about his relationship with Forstall, adding that "People were cheering in Cupertino" when news broke of Forstall's removal from the company. So we can safely assume they were never lunchtime drinking buddies. [BBC via MacRumors]