BA Finally Gets Permission to Let You Keep Watching Stuff on Taxi, Take-Off and Landing

By Sam Gibbs on at

British Airways is just about to become the first airline in the UK to allow you to watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music from the moment you sit down in your seat to the moment you disembark the aircraft. Finally, why did it take so bloody long?

Don't be fooled though, this isn't the holy grail of being able to use your gadgets during take-off and landing; no, that'd be way too sensible. But at least your in-flight movie won't get cut short now. From the moment you sit down, you can plug yourself into the IFE system and watch or listen to whatever you want. One odd condition is that you have to use the BA-provided headset during take-off taxiing and landing, which means for at least an hour of your flight you'll be without your noise cancelling set.

Announcements will apparently be played through the headphones, so you can't escape the usual interruptions, but at least you can block out the screaming baby two rows back with a good dose of gunfire and screeching tires from the in-flight showing of Ronin. [Daily Mail]

Image credit: In-Flight from Shutterstock