Bizarre Cube-Chipping Multiplayer Game Curiosity Now on iTunes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest release from British game development legend Peter Molyneux has gone live on iTunes today, with players able to join together to hammer away at the layers of one enormous cube that exists only in Molyneux's cyber imagination.

Released by Molyneux's new start-up 22Cans, Curiosity – what’s inside the cube is being pitched as a massively-multiplayer experiment, with players all joining together to chip away the layers of a cube. There's apparently a reason to do so, with one player eventually chipping away the final chunk and receiving some sort of reward for doing so.

There's obviously been a bit of confusion over release dates, though. 22Cans was planning on launching this on November 7th, although it appeared on iTunes this morning. The Android version hasn't arrived yet and runs the risk of being entirely useless if it turns up for download after Apple users have already smashed the cube away to nothing. [iTunes]