EE Prices up its 4G SIM Plans -- 5GB of Data for £36 a Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you already own a phone that's 4G capable, EE's now ready to start selling SIMs to slot in and take advantage of the UK's newest and fastest network.

And yes, there is a comedy 500MB option at the low end of the scale, with EE's entry level SIM offering a 500MB data allowance for £21 a month. All of EE's SIM plans are sold on a 12-month contract basis, with the network offering 1GB of data for £26, 3GB for £31 or 5GB for £36. All those plans include unlimited calls and texts, plus you'll be able to tether the connection without restriction too.

Meanwhile, Giz reader James has supplied screencaptures showing him using the EE 4G network in Nottingham today, so it looks like a new city has gone live with LTE. [EE]