Google: Nexus 10 Is an Experiment to Rescue an Underpowered Tablet Market

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Interesting, if damning, commentary from Google suggests that the Nexus 10 is an experiment in resuscitating a tablet market which is overcrowded with expensive and underpowered 10-inch tablets.

Speaking to the New York Times, Google's director of business development for Android, John Lagerling, explained that the 10-inch tablet market is "overpriced and underpowered, and we wanted to see what we could do."

Our initial impressions suggest it might not have quite managed to do a whole lot better than its competition in terms of power, with its dual-core 1.7GHz processor falling a little short over hardcore graphics work. It is, however, great value. Like most experiments, then, it may not have achieved the desired results first time round. [New York Times]