Grabbed Your LG Nexus 4 Yet? Hard Luck, It Sold Out In Under an Hour

By Sam Gibbs on at

Blimey, priced to sell is a bit of an understatement for Google's latest Nexus devices, and sell they bloody-well did. Google's stock was apparently cleaned out in under an hour, so if you want a cheap Nexus 4 or Nexus 10, you've got a bit of a wait on your hands. Or you could head down your local network store and fork out an extra ton or so in change.

Both the 8GB (£240) and 16GB (£280) Nexus 4s have run dry at old Goog, with only a 'coming soon, notify me' option left. At the time of writing, the 32GB Nexus 10 at £390 was sold out, but there's still stock of the £320 16GB variant -- who knows how long that'll last.

Still, if you're desperate for a Google-shaped tablet, the Nexus 7 with its brand new 32GB 3G-variant is just waiting for your call. [Google via TechRadar]