Kim Dotcom's Piracy Network Could Help Fund Free New Zealand Broadband

By Gary Cutlack on at

Troubled internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom wants to help install a new undersea cable linking the US and his adopted country of New Zealand, which would be paid for in part by his new piracy venture -- and could eventually subsidise broadband for New Zealanders.

Plans to link the US and New Zealand with a new 8,000 mile undersea cable, which would've doubled NZ's internet capacity, were recently shelved, after company Pacific Fibre couldn't find the money to make it happen. Old moneybags Mr Dotcom has the answer to that, claiming that will become the "most valuable IT biz" in New Zealand and should attract other investors that could make it, and anything else he wishes, happen.

Money to fund the venture may also come from law suits Dotcom plans to launch against the US government and the media companies who've been causing him so much grief of late.

Dotcom apparently plans, ultimately, to install the new undersea link, then somehow create a legal ISP that would charge business users for internet access, allowing him/it to offer free or at least extremely cheap broadband access to the people. This would set New Zealand up as a new force in unstoppable internet piracy.

All of which sounds like the genesis of a plot for a James bond film. He who controls internet access controls THE WORLD. [NZ Herald via the Guardian]

Image credit: Twitter