New GTA V Posters and Details Arrive, Looks Like We'll Be Going Quad Biking

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently Rockstar was set to bust out another tantalising GTA V trailer, but was foiled by that pesky Sandy. Still, that hasn't stopped it busting out some great-looking new posters, and some allegedly leaked details too.

We have no way of knowing whether these leaked deets are real, but they sound about on the money. You'll apparently play as the 42-year-old Albert DeSilva, a half-American, half-Puerto Rican late-to-crime down-and-out kind of guy. There'll be mini games (golf, tennis and surfing), characters from GTA IV will show up, and there should be car customisation in it too. Although you should take that all with a unhealthy helping of sodium chloride, it sure sounds plausible, like any good rumour should.

Anyway, I'm not sure what else you can glean from the posters other than there'll be quad biking, and a rekindling of Love Fist maybe, but here they are, in all their stylistic-glory. [GameFaqs, CVG, Kotaku]