Next Xbox Will Be Called Just "Xbox" and Could Run Blu-Ray Discs

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rather speculative feature in UK games magazine Xbox World has come up with some new theories regarding Microsoft's forthcoming home console, claiming Xbox 720/Durango will arrive with a new version of Kinect, Blu-ray playback and directional audio support.

As well as Kinect 2.0 and your usual claims of some sort of "innovative" new controller being bundled in the with the machine, the magazine also says the next-gen Xbox may also feature TV input connections, letting it function as a PVR and fully unrestricted home media centre.

In terms of the name, the report claims Microsoft will opt for a simple option, calling it just "Xbox" or perhaps something like "The New Xbox" to avoid having to go through the stresses of thinking up anything more convoluted.

The magazine also created a mock-up of the console, building something out of the same black magnesium alloy Microsoft uses in is Surface hardware. But that's pretty far into the realms of the imaginary so don't get too keen on the black and silver aesthetic just yet. [CVG]