The BBC Launches Its First Original YouTube Channel Packed With Cute Baby Animals

By Sam Gibbs on at

The BBC is launching its own assault on web video with its first made-for-YouTube channel, Earth Unplugged. Ironic the name may be, the channel will deliver unique, new films from BBC Earth, Aunty's global nature unit. First up, videos of cute baby animals. Money well spent right there.

The channel is part of the Beeb's commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, so in theory your Licence Fee hasn't gone into this. It's the first step along the Beeb's multi-channel YouTube plan, with spin-off BBC shows and new stuff made specifically for the video service, not iPlayer.

Loads more shows are planned, including a science show fronted by James May, but for now, feast your eyes on a bunch of cute baby animals, because it's Friday afternoon. [BBC]