If you've found it hard to shake your addiction to foosball after graduating from university, but your first apartment doesn't afford you the room for a table of your own, all you need now is an iPad, and a willing opponent.

The geniuses at New Potato Technologies have created this elaborate iPad housing that serves as a full-fledged foosball table, complete with stubby legs and eight two-axis control rods. It looks like it can support up to four players, but how you can cram four people around even the larger-sized iPad is a mystery left for you to figure out.

Everything else — from the ball, to the rod-impaled players, to sound effects — is taken care of by a free accompanying app. And free is good because the table itself will set you back £100 with postage to the UK. Expensive, but a better option than giving up your bed so you have room for a full-sized table.

Turn Your iPad Into the Foosball Table You Never Had Room For

[New Potato Technologies via Ubergizmo]