Vodafone's New Red Hot Plans Give a New Way to Stay Cutting-Edge

By Chris Mills on at

It's difficult to be a phone network nowadays. The old stalwart of pay-monthly contracts are becoming harder to sell, and more and more people are moving to the likes of GiffGaff. In a last-ditch attempt to stay current, Vodafone's trying a new type of price plan aimed at those who want to stay on the cut-throat razor side of bleeding edge -- that's you, right?

The new "Red Hot" plans are a combination of price plan, phone lease and insurance rolled into one. The idea is that both the plan and the phone lease (they're offering the iPhone 5, Galaxy S III and Note II at the moment) last for 12 months, and then at the end of that you hand in your old phone. It's actually a surprisingly cheap way of doing things, especially since you also get Vodafone insurance for your phone as part of the plan.

As an example, if you were after an iPhone 5 16GB for 12 months (and you're dead-set to go with Vodafone for whatever reason), the Red Hot plan would run you £708 all-in. Buy the phone, SIM-only plan and insurance separately? Comes to £811, even including the circa-£200 you'd get from Vodafone for trading your phone in. I think it's a neat idea, and definitely the best play from a network in the post-GiffGaff era. [Vodafone]

Image credit: Burning phone from Shutterstock