Awkward Fact: Hollywood Studios Pirate Just As Much As the Rest of Us

By Chris Mills on at

Talk about pot calling the kettle nasty names. There's some pretty damning new evidence showing that Hollywood studios, the very ones who cry their eyes out over revenue lost to all those nasty pirates, are in fact guilty themselves of using a bit of BitTorrent on the side. Oops.

The report, published by TorrentFreak, shows that employees of some of the massive studios like Paramount, Disney and Sony Pictures were all guilty of downloading popular films and TV series for their viewing pleasure. Considering they're members of the Motion Picture Association of America, a group well-known for its harsh stance against piracy and overly-dramatic ads, this is pretty damn hypocritical. Yes, it's not the first time this sorta thing's happened -- the RIAA and US Department of Homeland security have been caught with their pants down before -- but still, this is yet another blow to Hollywood's crusade for justice.

Funniest of all, though, is the amount of, ahem, adult content being downloaded at work, particularly at Warner Bros. Maybe it's material to 'stimulate' their creativity. That, or they're all just dirty, dirty boys. [TorrentFreak]