Europe's Sneaky New Drone Beat Us Into the Skies

By Chris Mills on at

Did you hear a strange noise passing overhead last weekend? Maybe glimpse a UFO? If so, no need to don a tinfoil hat quite yet -- Saturday evening saw the first flight of a stealth drone in Europe (but sadly it wasn't made in Britain).

The drone that took to the skies is a collaboration project between France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and Greece (so no language difficulties there, then), and rather catchingly named nEUROn. Though it's just a prototype that's unlikely to ever see production, it is still a fully-functioning, flying, all-singing all-bombing aircraft. The idea is that it's a technology demonstrator, and the lessons learned by making it will help the smorgasbord of countries behind it make a production version at some point in the future.

Though it looks kinda cool, I can't help but think that it doesn't quite drip with pure, unbridled menace in the same way that the British stealth-drone-prototype does. Still, it's flying, and ours isn't, so I guess they win. For now. [The Aviationist]

Image credit: Dassault Aviation