New iPad Coming in March?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Chalk this one firmly up as a pinch-of-salt rumour, but according to wonderfully 'informed sources' Apple's going to replace the iPad, again, in March, and the big daddy will look a lot more like its new Mini offspring.

To be fair, Macotakara has had success in pinpointing accurate leaks in the past, especially with the iPad, so take it as you will. March would fit with Apple's previous yearly iPad release cycle though, but would Cupertino really replace it so soon, after replacing the iPad 3 mid-term with the iPad 4? Who knows. All bets are off now that Apple ditched it's yearly iterative cycle for the iPad 4.

Then again, it's not exactly a surprise that Apple's got another revision up its sleeve. It's like saying the iPad Mini 2 will come with a retina display -- no, duh. Anyway, it'll probably be thinner, lighter and somehow more magical than the last one, if you believe everything Apple's marketing department spits out. [Macotakara via 9to5Mac]