Win a Sony Xperia Go, In Giz's Crimbo Commenting Challenge

By Kat Hannaford on at

So your Photoshop skillz are a bit rusty, but you pride yourself on leaving acerbic barbs of wit in the commenting fields of Giz UK? Our next Crimbo Challenge is for you.

To enter, all we're looking for is the best comment left anywhere on the site this week. Our judges Sam, Chris and intern-Abi will be keeping a sharp eye out for anyone who excels themselves with sparkling dictums, whether they be reams of sentences strung together, or something as simple as a three-word wisecrack.


The Rules:

- Submit your best comment on any post published from 9am on Monday 10th December, to Friday 14th December at 9am.
- Anyone can enter, regardless of location.
- Judges’ decision is final.
- The most important rule — HAVE FUN.
- The winner will be announced at 1pm this Friday.