Could You Pass the New British Citizenship Test?

By Chris Mills on at

If you're applying to be a British citizen, you have to pass a cunning test filled with questions about 'Life in the UK', just to check you're down with the homies or something. After changes in 2011, it was filled with exciting questions about pregnancy rates and unemployment law. Now, it's been re-jigged to focus far more on history and culture. Question is: do you deserve to be British? Can you pass the test?

If you're confident, you can try ten sample questions here; I have to say, they're a damn sight easier than the last set of questions (found here) which seemed to have a perverse interest with migration trends in the 1980s and employment law. At least this test will guarantee everyone knows that the dude at the top of the tower in Trafalgar Square is the Duke of Wellington. [BBC]