Doc around the clock: top 10 health apps

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They used to say looking at a screen was bad for you, but things have moved on since our TV-addled upbringings.

Nowadays, the HD Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung GALAXY Note II can actively aid your health and wellbeing, as your gateway to a world of medical tools and tips, and here are 10 of our favourites…



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Social smoker? Lose the smoke but not the social with this free app that lets you chat with other quitters for advice and support.

It also offers motivational updates on your health improvements using World Health Organisation indicators (such as better breathing and blood circulation), and monitors your fag-free achievements, including how long you’ve gone since your last cigarette, and how much money you’ve saved as a result.


First Aid By British Red Cross

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Access to first aid is invaluable in an emergency, and this app can guide you through on-the-spot action or train you to be ready when the dread moment comes.

Videos and step-by-step advice are all hosted in-app, so you don’t need an internet connection (though you will need 40MB of free space), while quizzes and checklists will fill your idle moments more productively than another round of Angry Birds Space.



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One in eight women in the UK will get breast cancer at some point, according to the charity Cancer Research and the earlier it is diagnosed, the better your chances of beating it.

This app includes a video guide on how to check your breasts, lets you set reminders for regular checking, and helps you assess your risk based on your lifestyle. It also lists ways to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the charity behind the app.


Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

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CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy is an increasingly popular, goal-based approach to anxiety and depression that emphasises the active involvement of patients through real-world ‘assignments’ designed to overcome harmful ways of thinking.

That self-starter ethic makes CBT ideally suited to an app, and while this selection of guides and advice is no substitute for therapist-led treatment, it’s an ideal first step for anyone concerned about their emotional health and wellbeing.


BHF Healthy Recipe Finder

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This tasty way to look after your heart certainly beats regular exercise – though we suspect both are recommended by the British Heart Foundation (responsible for this app).

Its wealth of recipes is indispensable for anyone with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, but is also worth a look if you simply want to maintain a healthy heart while tucking into a whopping great curry followed by a homemade plum pudding.



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Back pain is the biggest cause of absence from work in the UK, so if your boss sees you playing with your phone at your desk, tell him your consulting this comprehensive app.

It includes fact sheets on different types of back pain, as well as illustrated exercise guides to prevent and relieve common symptoms. All the proceeds go to the BackCare charity, but there is also an identical free version for anyone who doesn’t want to donate.


BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

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Mums (and dads) to be can get advice and info on every stage of pregnancy with this all-in-one app, designed to see you and your bump through to the big day.

Videos, diagrams and graphs keep you clued-up on your baby’s development, while forums connect you with other expectant Android users around the world. The app also includes a kick counter, contraction tracker, countdown widget, and definitions of 24,000 baby names!


Point Tracker Weight Watchers

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Though Weight Watchers offers some great official apps that are free to download, dieters without a current Weight Watchers subscription will find themselves locked out of many key functions.

This bargain alternative lets anyone keep track of their diet according to Weight Watchers’ Pro Points system, with values listed for more than 32,000 everyday food items, and a calculator to work out the Pro Points of unlisted goods. Tasty!


AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

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With plenty of options for keeping track of your alcohol intake, this handy app remains mercifully easy to use even after a few shandies.

The straightforward logbook format lets you record how much you drink, how often, and even how quickly, while easy-to-read graphs and tables let you chart your habits over time.

You can set target limits and presets to log your favourite tipple, and even monitor your blood-alcohol content.


NHS Direct

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This one-stop shop for checking your health is quicker and easier than a trip to the GP, with zero chance of getting sneezed on in the waiting room.

Simply choose your symptoms and answer a few multiple-choice questions, and the app will advise the best course of action, from self-help and home cure to consultation with a real, flesh-and-blood doctor. Handy for hypochondriacs everywhere, despite its explicitly English remit.


DISCLAIMER: Future Publishing Limited does not warrant that the information in the above third party apps is true, accurate or complete.  The apps are in no way intended to replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner and should not be used as a basis for definitive diagnosis or choice of treatment.