Even Pixar's Concept Art Is Retina-Teasingly Awesome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Pixar's shorts and movies are the stuff of legend. Gloriously colourful, often full of humour, and infinitely watchable, even if it does feel weird if you don't have a kid. The same goes for its concept art, which Pixar has been showing off for its incoming awesome-looking movies.

This gorgeous image of a dinosaur with cute-looking kid riding atop his head is from the incoming The Good Dinosaur: "What if the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?" Anyone want a pet dinosaur, then?

This one looks a heck of lot like some of the levels in Littlebig Planet to me, but anyway, it's apparently a "wholly original Pixar Animation Studios film that delves into the vibrant holiday of Día de los Muertos." Right then. Scheduled for release in 2016.

Finally, we've got what looks like a view into an excitable kid's mind. A scary thought: "the inventive new film will take you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen: the world inside the human mind." Sounds a bit like Being John Malkovich to me, but the unnamed film will hit the cinemas in 2015.

What's your favourite Pixar film to date? Can you even beat Toy Story? [ComingSoon via TotalFilm]