Google's Giving the Gift of Pi to UK Schools

By Chris Mills on at

Due to Eric Schmidt's recent friendship with North Korea, his karmic balance is skewed way towards the bad. His solution? Give 15,000 cute little Raspberry Pis to the poor under-teched schoolchildren of Britain. Oh, and of course, have the obligatory semi-creepy photo of him posing with an ethnically representative sample of kiddies. That'll make it all better, Eric.

Of course, not even my deeply jaded inner cynic can paint this as anything but a wonderful move on Google's part. They've put down funding for 15,000 Raspberry Pis Model Bs to be distributed to 'worthy' schoolkids around the UK. Raspberry and a bunch of educational charities will do the actual giving, which Google hopes will help computer science education in the UK, as well as bringing happy smiles to the faces of liddle children everywhere. Good on ya, Google. [Raspberry Pi]