Intel Won't Sell Many Phones if "Yolo" is the Best Name it Can Manage

By Gary Cutlack on at

Intel's trying to crack the enormous budget smartphone market with its latest model, powered by a new affordable mobile Atom platform and launching in Africa this week. The only problem is, it's calling the thing Yolo.

The Yolo sounds good on paper. It features Intel's new Z2420 mobile chipset, which is a single-core unit that can run at up to 1.2GHz and easily handle capture and playback of 1080p footage, while the radio supports HSPA+ networks and it'll launch running Android 4.0. Not bad for an "emerging markets" piece of kit.

But... Yolo? Is that meant to sound like a yuppie-like "Yeahello" greeting? Or the rubbish "You Only Live Once" acronym favoured by tiresome extreme sport enthusiasts? Perhaps it sounds a bit more aspirational out there in Kenya, where it's launching through local network Safaricom this week. [Intel]