More Pixar Concept Art, This Time of the Cancelled Newt

By Kat Hannaford on at

Yesterday we asked of you what your favourite Pixar film is, after they showed off concept art for some awesome-looking upcoming films. Several of you surprisingly chose sequels, which I thought our community of taste-makers generally frowned upon. But that's ok! Each to their own, and all that. Hollywood has shown sequels are worth the financial gamble, something Pixar proved when it bumped this cute Newt film in favour of Cars 2.

The concept art was released by one of the artists working on the project, which was originally slated for a summer of 2011 release (but cancelled due to that aforementioned Cars 2 release, plus some similarities to the film Rio). As it goes, the plot was going to follow an endangered blue-foot newt, who must hook up with the last laydee newt of his species if their lineage is to survive -- only problem is, they can't stand one another. The suspense!

Take a look over at io9 for more of the stunning imagery. [TheWildKat via First Showing via io9]